About Fresh Start Nutrition

Fresh Start Nutrition was born in the historic little town of Bury st Edmunds, in the heart of Suffolk by me , Neil Emms.

The passion to help people with their general and mental health first came from over 10 years of working closely with staff and associates from other retail businesses. The number of stories regarding the suffering of loved ones due to health issues, both body and mind where increasing. Close members of my own family also started to suffer with depression and anxiety at such tender ages. My own stress levels due to long hours and the pressure of business were also taking their toll on my health also.

A Fresh Start was needed. I dedicated years exploring ways to promote health through techniques such as mindfulness and meditation, nutrition and exercise. The more I discovered, the more my desire grew to create a platform that could share information and supplementation education to aid a new positive direction for life. Fresh Start Nutrition as a brand has been created for that purpose.

We Believe
In our fast paced world today, with us living increasingly busy lives and social media exposure, general and mental health concerns have risen. The importance for us to take time for ourselves, taking positive steps towards our well being is imperative to us all individually, to live a healthy and happy life.