There use to be a time where we would rub on our oil and lay out in the sun for ours on end. How times change. Now, the message is to stay out of the sun and cover up. This new direction of sun avoidance is completely understandable but maybe the statistics associated with the negative affects are far outweighing the benefits of sun light a little too heavily.

Nothing can really live without the suns influence yet we are running scared of it. There is no doubt that too much exposure from the sun is damaging to us but with the correct time of exposure the benefits are ten fold.

The Benefits

  1. Increases you mood.
    With adequate exposure to the sun, depression and anxiety symptoms has been shown to decrease whilst increasing the quality of you sleep. This takes place because sunlight increases your serotonin and melatonin that are already present in your system.

  2. Improves immune system
    The sun can increase the red and white blood cell count which increases our immunity and energy.

  3. Blood pressure and heart disease
    There are studies that show that the sun can create nitric oxide in our body which is released into the blood vessels decrease blood pressure and heart disease.

  4. Skin conditions improved
    Sunlight acts as an antiseptic on the skin and can help with many skin conditions from acne to Psoriasis 

  5. Formation of vitamin D
    Sunlight reacts with the skin to create vitamin D in our bodies. Vitamin D improves the quality of our bone structure, decreases inflammation, fights many diseases, increases and energy levels and mood.

How much sun is enough?

It is believed that 10 - 20 minutes of sun each day is the optimal time to get the correct does of Vitamin D. At midday the UVB radiation (good radiation) rays are at their strongest. So this would be the best time to get those 10 - 20 minutes.

What to do if you cant get out in the sun?

Sometimes it is just not possible to get that time in the sun. In this case we should look to supplementation to bridge this vitamin D deficiency. We recommend a done of between 1000 - 4000iu to ensure that you get the similar effects as you would from exposure to sunlight. Find Fresh Start Nutritions vitamin D3 here.